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  1. Joel says

    Bruce Cathie,

    I’m a huge fan of your work. I picked up your book (Harmonic 695) at a second hand bookstore and could not put it down.

    My girlfriend and I are planning on doing a back-packing trip across Canada (we live in Calgary, Alberta) next summer, and we are interested in finding the Alberta grid point that I saw on your map.

    I’ve taken a look at a few other maps of the world grid, and they all show a strong intersection or vortex somewhere in the province, but i have been unable to find precise co-ordinates of latitude and longitude for it. It’s possible that they’re out there and i simply can’t find them, but would you be willing to provide me with the co-ordinates of that grid point? I would very much appreciate it.



  2. Clint says

    Hello Mr. Cathie,
    Like Joel I have been a bit of a Fan of yours since first discovering Harmonic 33 in 1973, I was only 13 but my interest in UFO’s was paramount, before Harmonic 33 I was already beginning to get tired of all the UFO magazines and Books reporting the same things, pictures were getting harder to believe as were UFO sightings themselves, but then I discovered Harmonic 33 which was like a breath of fresh air, then you followed up with Harmonics 695 and 288, by this stage I was buying Nav Maps of Australia and making my own Grid over Victoria and then Australia. Being a Ham Radio operator it was all I ever talked about on the 80 meter band often till very late at night, but I then discovered a series by Carl Sagan called COSMOS that went to air in 1980 and somehow Sagan made me realize that the whole UFO phenomenon was just a man made concoction and that Science alone proves time and time again that the real truth of the matter of things of Life itself is slowly but surly being revealed.

    I then found your new book “Harmonic 371244″ in 1983 and remembered my feverish interest in the Grid system, to that end I purchased and read it through, rekindling an interest and wondered if all this was really true, then NEXUS released a Video of a Conference done in Sydney during May 1992 and I was glad to see you where still hard at it, however here it is some 17 years later and I see that there is a new book “Harmonic Conquest of Space” not to mention a DVD “The Harmonic Code”…well in honor I have done a purchase of both items just to see how your research has been progressing. I also see some software “Gridpoint Atlas” I would truly love to see this program but why so costly?…for $235 dollars your Webpage doesn’t present the program very well, the graphics look fairly ordinary, it would’ve been interesting to see a map over Melbourne, not really interested in anywhere else, but I can’t seem to justify the $235 dollars even more in Aussie dollars!….maybe the $135 dollars is just manageable, but still a tad expensive.

    Anyway…I am happy to see your belief in your work is as strong as ever and that the men in black haven’t come around and done something horrible….and being interested in radio and electronics, astronomy particularly Radio Astronomy for such a while I still find your theories and research tantalizing and nothing would please me more to truly believe that Earth has and is still being visited by extraterrestrial beings but I’m afraid I’m very skeptical, I have never seen a UFO, don’t think I haven’t tried, but I do try to keep an open mind!….”is it our destiny to take a final voyage and cross the bridge of infinity”….of course it is, and people like Bruce Cathie help to keep the dream alive!


    Clint – Melbourne

  3. steve says

    Joel – the location appears to be located near Bashaw, Alberta, inbetween Calgary and Edmonton.
    The co-ordinates are 52 degrees, 37\’, 12.00\" N, by 112 degrees, 48\’ 00.00\" W. Let us know what you find. Take your camera.

  4. says

    Hello Mr Cathie my mum way back in the early 70s followed your comments and words…and your sighting. We had a sighting of our own that followed when we were all together as a family of 6 in NZ whilst driving home one night..this craft played with us on top of hill peaks and then raced us home hovering over our home waiting for us to get there. We also had eye witness\’s living next door a Parish Priest his caretaker and this caretakers young teenage son/grandson and when we pulled into the street this UFO took off very fast. Eye witness\’s came running up to our car in the driveway to explain sighting to us…my father was driving and was the local top policeman in Waikato, Hamilton NZ at that time….my mother a local nurse…and us 4 children I the oldest..I remember everything. I have sort you out as I am directed to read your findings…keep up the good work Mr Cathie this is leading all of us to the truth mum is passed now many years but she taught me all about you when I was young. Linda

  5. says

    I have not read any of these books yet, was told to google Bruce Cathie today. I do alternative energy research, and my primary focus has been on the use of “zero-point”, or dark energy, for the production of usable power. I have found that this energy has null and peak patterns that are laid out in grid lines. What an awesome coincidence! At the peak nodes, we can draw a lot more energy than we can at the null nodes. It would be interesting to compare these grids and see if they match. Also of interest, I use non-linear crystals and other non-linear components for energy conversion. I wonder just how much of this technology was used in the ancient past and is only now being re-discovered?

    Bob Boyce

  6. Rod Maupin says

    Hi Andrew,

    No, we won’t have a version for the iPhone. I am quite busy just keeping the software updated.

    But, it would be a cool idea.


  7. jon says

    Dear Gentlemen, I am something of a more recent discoverer of your great work. Quite recently, while reading a fairly obscure book ,( published directly by its author) a curious coincidence of a sort cropped up.
    The book mentions at one time, in the earliest history of Egypt, the world was connected to an enormous machine. This machine was used primarily for communication and for travel. The people of the earth were said to make sound to activate it and that at resonant frequencies, communication with the stars was done and transportation across the universe was also done. At specific frequencies, the nature or Earth was said to be kept in a state of good balance and, from time to time, somehow energized.
    The great obelisks of ancient Egypt and other large civilizations at the time used this interconnected machine. (Remnants of this machine are still well visible today, but most people regard them as individual artifacts, having nothing in common with one another.) Commoners not familiar with the technical points of its operation would observe the “priests” as they spoke syllables in repetition ant specific tones and they would think these were merely prayers or incantations when in fact, this was part of the energy input required to get the machine to an operational mode.

    I am curious to know if this theory ties in with your understanding thus far of what the UFO grid actually is.

    Thank you for all the incredible work you’ve done. I hope to be able t purchase an atlas soon. There most certainly is a market for it.

    Thank you, j.

  8. Tecumseh says


    It has been years since you posted this and I am not sure if this message system will relay to you that I have posted here. If so, did you have any luck? I am in Red Deer and just starting to look for these things.


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