Bruce Leonard Cathie 1930 – 2013

Bruce Leonard Cathie 1930 - 2013
Photo: The Harmonic Code (DVD)

My great friend, Bruce Cathie, passed away on June 2, 2013 at North Shore Hospice in Auckland, New Zealand. He went peacefully after a lengthy illness.

After reading a couple of his books, I started corresponding with him in 1988. We became friends and started working together in 1989. It was a rare friendship in that we always got along and never had a disagreement, about anything. We were always on the same page.

Over the years, Bruce was my mentor and very graciously taught me everything that I now know on the subject of harmonics. He never grew tired of my endless questions and had a knack for explaining difficult concepts in language that I could understand. Although I must admit that some of his concepts took me years to fully understand.

His genius and his legacy was that he drew correlations between past and modern-day events, ancient structures, UFO sightings, then put them all-together and uncovered the World Grid system that has been a part of this planet from the very beginning. Much to the disdain of the academic world, he extended Einstein’s famous equation. However, they were just jealous they hadn’t done the same. He also created a table of Unified Harmonics that has stood the test of time.

Over the years, many tried to silence him. At times, he and his family had to endure many hardships as his published works drew the attention of intelligence agencies around the world. Their scientists and agents were eager to keep this information out of public view as it had been hidden for thousands of years. However, he ignored their threats, continued on with his work and always published his findings. He felt the public had the right to know. He was a true maverick and one day the world will realize the full extent of his genius.

I must remind people that in the 20th century, he was THE first grid researcher. He was the one who painstakingly derived all of the information on his own. Because there were no references out there, there were no books on the subject, there were no classes taught on harmonics in the universities. Every single grid researcher that is around today came after him, because in one way or another, they were inspired by him and his work. Whether directly or indirectly.

I can say that the greatest thing I learned from my best friend was to always be secure in my own knowingness. Because that’s what he always did. No matter what anybody said, what anybody did or what anybody thought, he carried on tirelessly with his work for decades. The majority of that time working alone and with no help from anyone. Surely that is an example we can all learn from.

I will miss him greatly. I also know the legions of fans who read his books and followed his work through the years will miss him as well.

My thoughts are with his wife, Wendy, and his sons, Mark and Stephen.

My pledge is to make sure the world never forgets what he accomplished.

Rod Maupin
Rainier, WA
June 3, 2013



  1. D Parry says

    Thank you for your thoughtful eulogy Rod. Bruce Cathie was a true pioneer and his efforts will be appreciated in times to come. RIP Bruce.

  2. Sasha Unverricht says

    I am so glad to know that Bruce had such true friends like you Rod. Thank you both for all your efforts over so many years!

  3. says

    Thank you Rod, have I met you? did you visit one Christmas and give Bruce a GPS?
    I appreciate your eulogy and it is comforting to know people will ensure his name, his books and his painstaking research will be kept alive ands hopefully stimulate many others to take up the crusade he dedicated his life to.
    He had a lovely service yesterday and we may have lost his physical presence but I\’m sure he is working just as hard in whatever dimension he inhabits now. I\’m his younger sister and he spent many hours at our house discussing his latest findings and ideas. We shall miss him greatly but his favourite tea will always be in my pantry.
    Thank you Suzaine Lynne Greenshields.

  4. says

    Nicely said Rod.

    Yes, a very sad loss indeed. People who are ahead of their time, never seem to get the recognition they deserve until after they have passed away. Perhaps now people will sit up and pay attention to his true genius.

    Best Wishes
    James Colmer

  5. Margaret Hyland says

    A sad day but time moves on. I kept an eye on time in regards to Bruce hoping for a breakthrough but it is too soon. A pioneer therefore. Thanks Bruce for your books and for giving me proof in a scientific way that intelligent creation and evolution exists. My faith in the future was made solid and sure solely based on one small portion in the book containing The Garabandal apparitions.

    As a fellow New Zealander it has always dismayed me that he was not acknowledged by leaders and scientists in this country but let’s face it his work tapped into a science so mind-boggling, it was his path to walk it quietly with like-minded individuals only.

    Thanks Rod for stating it just as it was. He was the first and a genius in my eyes. I have read enough to know he is in an extraordinary place now and smilingly taking advantage of all he has deserved.

    Goodbye Bruce. You can view it all from a new persective now and in safety.

  6. Clint Jeffrey says

    Just now something compelled me to check up on Bruce Cathie, like I would normally do every so many months year in year out, hoping to find out what was the latest on the film “Antigravity” or anything else…but right now July 7 at 1:15am I discovered that Bruce has passed on, I am saddened and so sorry to hear this news, my condolences to his family, I guess I always felt he’d be around forever and to eventually see the truth about UFO’s and the Grid System to be vindicated before his eye’s.

    As a Teenager and I am 53 right now, I grew up believing in UFO’s having never seen anything to this day, but it was Bruce’s theories, Harmonic 33, and the rest that followed that refreshed the UFO debate, and to this day those basic theories of Bruce’s I still hold close.

    Dear Bruce, may you now see your dreams complete…be at peace dear fellow…

    Clint Jeffrey – VK3CSJ

  7. Clint Jeffrey says

    Hi Rod…I just read your eulogy, Bruce had a friend in you for sure, nicely written, I am one of his fans…I thought you lived in New Zealand…I wonder if you have any news on the film that as being planned based on Bruce’s works?

    Clint Jeffrey

  8. Rod Maupin says

    Hi Clint,

    Currently, the director of the film, James Colmer is busy securing funding for the film. So unfortunately, it’s on hold at the moment.


  9. jenX says

    I’m sorry to hear Mr. Cathie has passed on; condolences to his family and friends. He was a great force for truth.

    I visited today to get contact info so as to send an observation about an apparent network of tunnels and installations below the ocean floor being hidden in plain sight… so I guess it’s now over to you, Rod.

    Magnetism affects the refractive index of water, and the worldwide matrix of tunnels etc. of the self-proclaimed ‘elite’ allegedly use very high-speed, magnetically-driven transport. If you look on Google maps in satellite view these seem to be clearly visible as more focussed areas of the ocean floor, particularly numerous beneath the Pacific. Though some may be natural bands of magnetism associated with faults, most appear not to be. A few of the many oddities:

    A wide tunnel straight N-S between Tahiti and Antarctica, with a notch melted out of the ice shelf at lat,lon -75.711228,-150.337715.

    The antenna-like artifact at -59°08′,-105° that Bruce mentioned is at the S end of another dead straight N-S band up to -50.092393,-105.073242, with various straight connecting lines at precise angles.

    A huge array starting at a SW corner -31.522361,-113.440247 extending N and broadening E beyond Rapa Nui, with the parallel arms angled at 20 degrees from horizontal, and squared ends at each turnaround point. And extending S of that array is a similar, broader, less dense array with the arms exactly horizontal.

    Large, approximately rectangular areas such as E of Hawaii 19.217803,-151.325684, and similarly at -8.094581,-107.921906, and at -17.413546,-112.258301 with yet more dead straight bands radiating out at tidy angles like 0 degrees towards South America.

    -67.749,-76.030884 a looped section of an area of connected bands that clearly show a double-track shape (incidentally, N of a piece of Antarctica plastered with the Rothschild name).

    …Etcetera. imo these features are reminiscent of “tubes” photographed on the surface of Mars; e.g.,

    I wonder how many millions of years it’s supposed to take for certain humanoid species, or subsets thereof, to grow the heck up and deal with their existential angst in a healthy way? Enough… it’s time for humanity to put our foot down.

  10. Wolfram Oehler says

    So sad to find out Bruce has passed on. Thank you Rod for all your efforts and support of his great undertaking. When travelling ’97 in NZ I read ‘Harmonic Conquest…’ and all the other books of Bruce that I scored second hand in every City we stopped by – always reading with my pocket calculator on the side, checking on every number. Than I had the chance to contact Bruce and meet him at his home in Auckland for two days in a row to discuss all my questions I prior had noted down. It was a brilliant unforgettable meeting. Bruce’s work is true Science Fiction based on number interrelations that may be uncommon for a mathematic mind but hard to ignore if one just checks carefully enough! Thank you, Bruce, for being such an inspiration! May your light shine on and work be appreciated by many more to come.

  11. Neil Wilkes says

    So terribly sad to read of this – I first found Bruce’s work back in the mid 80′s with “Harmonic 288″ and despite many comments like “pseudoscience” Bruce was onto something serious with his work.
    He will be greatly missed.

  12. Howard M Jones (Ambilac) says

    I only hear about Bruce this morning, so tragic and my sympathies are with his family.
    We connected to Bruce back in 1999/2000 when we were writing our articles and books (the 2 vols of \’Giza Genesis The Best Kept Secrets) and Bruce was kind enough to comment and share some of his research.
    He certainly will be sadly missed and I just wish to say how we appreciated his insight and contributions.

  13. Ray Maultsaid says

    Hello Rod,
    So sorry to learn today of Bruce’s passing. Bruce was a genius. I truly believe he was greater than Einstein. Bruce deserved much more recognition.
    But he had to fight people who were frightened of the truth he revealed.
    At the same time, he was a humble, compassionate man, who gave his valuable time freely to anyone seeking answers to the UFO and alien enigma.
    Bruce was never too busy to talk to me, either on the phone or in person at his home in Auckland. Bruce also put me in touch with other people who had seen UFOs or who had strange encounters with strange people.
    Bruce helped me understand a lot things that would otherwise have been beyond my wildest dreams.
    Please extend my belated, but deepest, sympathy to Bruce’s family.
    In the meantime, my best wishes.
    Ray Maultsaid

  14. says

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