What is the Difference Between 30′, 7.5′, 6′ and 1′ Grid Lines?

One of the most common questions I am asked is what is the difference between 30′, 7.5′, 6′ and 1′ grid lines? Here is what Bruce Cathie and I learned over time about this subject.

Originally, when Bruce was starting his research into the World Grid and harmonics, he plotted sightings of UFOs on a map of New Zealand. After he had plotted a lot of sightings, he noticed that he could draw a set of lines that would connect the sightings. These lines formed a grid pattern and by measuring, he found that the lines were 30′ apart. When I say 30′, I mean 30 minutes of arc or 30 nautical miles.

Here is what his original map looked like:

Original World Grid Map Showing UFO Sightings Over New Zealand

Original World Grid Map from 1965 Showing UFO Sightings Over New Zealand

In the original map, UFO sightings are shown by circles on the map. As you can see, some sightings were on grid lines, some were on grid points.

In time, Bruce learned that he could further subdivide the 30′ grid into a system of 7.5′ grid lines. After much study, he found that the 7.5′ grid lines were also valid. Since 7.5 x 4 = 30, the 30′ grid divided evenly into 7.5′ segments.

In 1989, I began working with Bruce and in 1993 we released the first version of Gridpoint Atlas, our software which calculates harmonics and calculates the World Grid. In 1993, we could calculate grid points anywhere in the world, but we couldn’t plot them on a digital map until around 2000. Today, our software creates ESRI-compatible and Google Earth-compatible grid files. You can view the grid files in ESRI software or in Google Earth. Having these capabilities helped the research progress immensely.

Through decades of research, we have found that there are 30′, 7.5′ and 6′ grid lines. We feel that these are the major grid lines of the grid. We have also found that 1′ grid lines are valid and very important, but we consider these to be minor grid lines.

Now, the World Grid is infinite and there are trillions and trillions of points all over the Earth. We feel that the major grid lines can be subdivided down into increments of multiple seconds, but we do not know exactly what increments are valid.

If you work with the Gridpoint Atlas software and plot 30′, 7.5′, 6′ and 1′ grid lines, you will be dealing with the most important ones and you will find that the majority of the sites around the world, including ancient structures, monuments, scientific installations, particle accelerators and many other facilities will be found with these grid lines running through them.

Let’s look at one of the modern sites that sits on several grid lines.

30', 7.5', 6', and 1' grid lines going through Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

30′, 7.5′, 6′, and 1′ grid lines going through Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

In the above screenshot, we see Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is the headquarters of the Mormon church. Here is one example where 30′, 7.5′, 6′ and 1′ grid lines line up on the same line and run through a facility. On the left, the oval-shaped structure is the original tabernacle that was first built on this site. On the right, is the most recent tabernacle that was built afterwards and is the one that has all the grid lines running through it. This is notable because it is the only religious site in the world we have found to have the characteristic of so many grid lines lining up and running through it. Very unusual. Obviously, the Mormons were led to this place for a reason. This is no accident.

In the Gridpoint Atlas software, we also allow the user to enter his own grid resolution, just as long as it’s a harmonic of 360 degrees, meaning the value has to be be able to be divided into 360 an even number of times. This allows people to do their own research and come to their own conclusions.

You may wonder why there isn’t just one set of grid lines, say 7.5′ apart and that’s it? Why all the others? Well, I don’t know. Something greater than you and I created it. And all evidence shows that the grid is made up of an amazing lattice of major and minor lines, some being very fine. This lattice creates the world that we live in, interact with and see everyday.

Now ancient structures, ancient and modern monuments, scientific installations, government installations and particle accelerators are not the only things sitting on major grid lines. There are a lot of people’s homes that sit on major grid lines and grid points all over the world. For example, John and Jane Doe who live at 123 Main St. in Anytown, USA don’t know that their house sits on a major grid point. And their relatives who live in a neighboring state don’t know that a major grid line runs through their farm. However, they may feel better because of it. I don’t know but it surely has some effect. We just can’t definitely say what it is.

When you plot the grid and see what sites around the world fall on it, it becomes clear that the knowledge of harmonics and the grid is in use today as it was thousands of years ago. It’s just it’s used by scientists, government workers and others who still keep the information from the public because they feel they don’t have a right to know. Bruce Cathie was even told by one of these people that, “it wouldn’t be right for the public to know. It would hurt them.” That’s ridiculous and I’ll tell you why.

If this knowledge was allowed to be used by the public, the only people it would hurt are those who have kept it secret from the public. Because it would threaten their monopoly of power. That’s it plain and simple.



  1. Rod Maupin says

    Hi JC,

    You are correct, they are out of sync. The reason is that originally Bruce just connected lines between UFO sightings on paper. After I started working with him, we were able to calculate the grid more accurately with computers. We also refined the positioning of the grid over a period of 20 years to where now, we feel that we have the most accurate positioning to date. You just learn more over time.

    What would really be interesting was if we had the coordinates of those original sightings and then could plot them with the Gridpoint Atlas software we have today. Unfortunately, we don’t have those coordinates.


    Rod Maupin

  2. JC says

    Hi Rod,
    Yes, that would be quite interesting. Obviously not all craft are relying on the grid for power/propulsion, since some of them are coming from other stars, galaxies, and dimensions. But the other thing that’s interesting is how many different applications there are for the grid itself, who its original creators were (if in fact it was a created artefact), and what the purpose was for its creation/existence. Those are questions that I’d like to have answered.

    Btw, are there any indications as to what the PTB are up to with their experiments on the grid? There seems to be quite a bit of activity going on with all the “colliders” etc. I’m just wondering if it’s going to be of benefit to us all. What are your thoughts?



  3. Rod Maupin says

    Hi JC,

    We looked at all the particle accelerators in the world a couple years ago. All the accelerators are sitting on grid lines. We were pleasantly surprised. I’ll have to write another post on this.

    As to why they sit on grid lines, I assume it’s because they either get some of their energy from the grid or it’s just for pure research purposes. We also know that all of the scientists in all the major accelerators use harmonics on a daily basis. They probably do at the minor accelerators too, it’s just not as obvious because they seem to be used more for research.

    I’ll have to write an updated post on this subject.


  4. BinO says


    I have just begun to read up on Cathie’s research. What I’m wondering is – the grid was calculated from UFO sightings. I can understand from my other studies how energy grids could be used by UFOs to travel – what I’m wondering is how does the grid relate to a path of the UFO.

    What I mean is – obviously UFOs don’t fly in a grid pattern – so are they just more visible at these plot points?

    I’m curious about things like the Arizona ufo sighting from a few years ago and others in history. How would these longer sightings which showed a distinct flight path relate to the grid? Has anything like this been plotted? How would this be done – I’m interested in trying this.

    Thank you.

    ps – sorry if I’ve jumped in backwards here. I have just started reading up on the theory and may have gotten some things wrong.

  5. Rod Maupin says

    Initially, Bruce Cathie discovered the World Grid by plotting UFO sightings in New Zealand. After he had quite a few of them, he noticed that he could draw grid lines and all the sightings would take place on grid lines or grid points. He published the information and began to study the mathematics of the grid.

    However, beyond the initial relationship to UFOs, he never pursued that aspect any further. Obviously, UFOs can fly along grid lines, but I can’t say if they absolutely need to. I would say no.


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