Gridpoint Atlas 4.0 Just Released

Gridpoint Atlas 4.0

The new version of Gridpoint Atlas that works with Google Earth has just been released.

Gridpoint Atlas 4.0 now creates Google Earth-compatible files. You can create a map and overlay the World Grid in Gridpoint Atlas, then view that overlay in Google Earth. For the first time, you will be able to view the World Grid overlaid onto the worldwide satellite imagery of Google Earth.

Whether you call it the World Grid, the Earth grid, the energy grid, the planetary grid, or simply just ley lines, this software plots the grid discovered by Bruce Cathie.

You can now see how all of the world’s ancient sites are related to the grid. Did the ancients know about the grid? Plot it and see.

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  1. Paolo Coletto says

    I am so sorry!!! I have an Apple computer!!!
    Are you going to develop an Apple version soon?
    Please let mev know!
    Warm regards,
    Paolo Coletto

  2. Rod Maupin says

    Hi Paolo,

    I am sorry but we only have a software version for the PC. As of right now, we have no plans to create a version for the Mac.

    Thanks for the inquiry, though.


  3. Frank says

    Any change in plans for a Mac (or Linux) version?

    How about a “lite” version for the iPad?


  4. Neil Wilkes says

    Hi Rod.
    Is this still available to buy please?
    PayPal not an option (long evil story) but all other options would be good for me.
    Also what OS please – XP or Windows 7?

    Many Thanks

  5. Rod Maupin says

    Hi Neil,

    Yes, the Gridpoint Atlas software is available to purchase. It works with Windows XP up through Windows 7. I’ll contact you about other payment methods.


    Rod Maupin

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