Gridpoint Atlas 4.0 Manual Available for Viewing

Gridpoint Atlas 4.0 Manual

The Gridpoint Atlas® 4.0 manual has just been posted. You can view the manual online or download it for printout.

You will find the manual here.



  1. neil mckinlay says

    Hi i have read a couple of Bruce Cathies and this is a great culmination of his and others work neil

  2. Jim Sparks says

    I have all the books since the first one. Went crazy trying to get the math to work. Glad to see you got it together. I live in the mountains of Hudspeth county Texas, 20 miles from the UVG 18 grid line that runs from Bermuda to UVG 17 a few miles from Sonoita, Mexico. Too bad your software is so expensive for us old folks on Social Security. Good luck.

  3. Andy K says

    The number of Macs in the world is growing. Any likelihood of producing a Mac version of the software soon ?

  4. Rod Maupin says

    Unfortunately, no. I am only one person and have more work that I can handle, since this project is just something I do on the side.

    Thanks for asking, though.

    Rod Maupin

  5. Rod Maupin says

    Thanks very much for the reply OivindG. I use VMWare Workstation every day in my software development business, but I have never used VMWare Fusion.

    I’ll pass your info along to people in the future who ask this question.


    Rod Maupin

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