Mysterious Black Rectangle in Alaska is on the World Grid

Mysterious Black Rectangle in Alaska sits on a 7.5' grid line

Black Rectangle in Alaska sits on a 7.5′ grid line

If you fire up Google Earth and go to 62.193766, -141.262196, you will see a large black rectangle in Alaska, USA.

When I saw this rectangle, I immediately went into the Gridpoint Atlas software and plotted various resolution of grids for that area, then viewed the plots in Google Earth. I found that a 7.5′ grid line runs right through the large black rectangle.

We can speculate that this area is being censored because it’s some kind of U.S. military installation that they don’t want us to see. After all, it is in close proximity to Russia. If you look at the placemarks other people have placed on the area, you’ll see that some feel it is some kind of HAARP facility. I doubt it, since other HAARP facilities have not been censored in Google Earth. However at this point, your guess is as good as mine.

This is all speculation, but it is interesting that a major 7.5 nautical mile grid line goes right through the area.



  1. Rod Maupin says

    No, I was not aware that Bing had imagery of that location. So far, I have only worked with Google Earth, because that seemed to be the best for the past few years.

    However, I appreciate you telling me. I’ll check it out.


  2. Peter says

    You can see from the image on your site that the black rectangle is merely missing data by inspection of the photo tiles. The one to the east goes full height of image. The north and south tiles run east/west from image edge to the east tile leaving a gap between them. A western tile forms the left edge of the black box. Each seperate image has clear lines making it very obvious the black box is missing data.

    Current google maps has new data and now shows all of this area.

    Any relationship to a `world grid` is spurious.


  3. Rod Maupin says

    As another reader pointed out, this area was shown in Microsoft Earth. I just thought it was interesting that a major grid line ran through the area.

    If you are an avid user of Google Earth and other satellite imaging software, you have to admit that there are sites that they intentionally censor from the public. I and others have seen a lot of them. That’s just common sense.

    Thanks for the comment.


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